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 Dive deep into the ancient path of ritual and mantra practice
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All of humanity has developed its own rituals to accomodate a sense of the sacred within embodied reality. Not only spirit is sacred, action is sacred as well. Meaningful actions move internal energies in a way that creates practical results in the world. Intention is the basis, but with intentions alone we cannot accomplish our goals, in this world we must act also. Pūjā combines energetics (yoga), knowledge (jñāna) and action (kriyā) in a regulated spiritual life (caryā). These are the four pillars of Tantra.

We live in an amazing time. Many of the rituals we offer have traditionally been closed to outsiders or were very difficult to access. In modern times, compassionate Eastern teachers have shared these practices with us. Now, our challenge is how to make good use of these gifts.

Pūjā has two main applications: for a specific purpose, or for spiritual growth. Both are valid. The more specific our wish is, the more focused and private the pūjā must be. The dividing line between these two is not always distinct.

Pūjā as an applied spiritual science for a specific purpose follows a series of procedures with which we can access the energetic blueprint of life and correct or soothe energetic patterns that cause various difficulties. One of the best ways to determine which pūjā will give the desired results is jyotish or vaidik astrology.

Pūjā as a spiritual practice is an expression of our relationship with the sacred. It is an offering ceremony in which we come to serve, to give to the Divine and reconnect. We do not come to take. We approach reverently, with great respect and deep feelings.

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