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We are a non-profit in Belgium with several projects, mainly in India. We support various āśrams, temples and pūjāris who preserve the ancient ways and wisdom. We also work together with some of them in order to bring the best puja work for any request.

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Lali Baba Āśram:

Lali Baba Āśram was founded by a saint called Lali Baba about 200 years ago. It is a small āśram on the banks of Gaṅga in Vārāṇasi right next to the Harīścandra cremation ground. It belongs to the Godar Ākhārā, a sadhu line of initiates. Mahant Satyānand Giri is the present Master of the place and he carries the title of Lali Baba.

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Vagisha Shastri:

Mark Dyczkowski:

Swami Lakshmanjoo:



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