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Spiritual Guidance

For those interested in practicing the path of mantra sādhana I can offer guidance, assistance and initiation. We follow the traditional procedures within the guru-student relationship.


Our mantras are very sacred to us. We treat them with a lot of respect because they are the deity itself. Mantras are the vibrational pattern of a specific Divine state or activity. Mantra practice allows us to adjust to the vibration of a deity, so its blessings will flow into our lives.

In a spiritual practice we do not use mantra to petition Divine beings for favours. We do not use a mantra, we serve a mantra, and over time our own consciousness will change to match the mantra. We allow the mantra to transform our being into something higher, more attuned. We do not set out to master a mantra but allow it to master us. Mantras are alive, full of vital force, they are the deity itself.

Amulets for protection and blessing 


On certain special days such as eclipses we can make yantras for protection or blessing. Yantras are the geometrical patterns of the mantra deities. We write them with ink created from 8 herbs, with a special pen made from a sacred tree, written on birch bark. This is then rolled up and placed in a silver locket, which is worn around the neck. 


Our scriptures are full of deep wisdom. Lineage teaching means that what we teach is the same as what we were taught. I do not teach my own experience, but my own experience can illustrate the teaching. The teaching is what gave me my personal experience, and that teaching is passed on for you to have your own experiences. 


The teachings have been carefully preserved in the śastras, the holy scriptures, in the Sanskrit language. As a teacher, I enjoy making the traditional philosophical material accessible to the Western mind. Not as a reinterpretation for modern times, but as a translation into relatable concepts.

Astral clearing and protection

Sometimes we experience that outside energies are influencing us. This can be due to entities, disembodied souls or ancestors, or people with negative intentions towards us. There are several Great Goddesses who can help us to shield off and clear such influences. Depending on the case we can work with Kālī, Vārāhī, Pratyaṅgirā, or others. Often, we also need to look inside to see where and how we allow these energies to enter. Negative entities can only attach themselves to us if they find some way in through our habits or propensities.

Spiritual wounds 

Some practices can damage us, as can certain dark energies we encounter in the astral worlds.  It is best to protect ourselves from potential negativities via discernment, a pure heart, timely shielding and ethical action. Yet, what to do when damage has already been done? How to recover and rebuild? We can treat spiritual wounds with ayurvedic herbs, gentle practices, and lots of patience. Don't hesitate to talk to me if you feel any such issues.

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