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The God and the Goddess

The God and the Goddess are not different from ourselves. They do not live in the highest heaven; they are present right here and right now in our experience of life itself. The pure being aspect of everything that exists is what we call Śiva, the God. Śiva is the One, the pure consciousness as the background screen, the very ground of existence. Śiva is pure being without any qualities or diversification.

And its state of being is the Goddess. Its experience of its own existence is the Goddess. She is the limitless activity of consciousness which manifests as countless forms, tastes, experiences and understandings. She is the becoming. She is the pulsating vitality of consciousness which gives birth to every possibility and the countless universes. The one becoming many. She veils pure consciousness into limited objects and individual beings so the game can be enacted. She is the same power which bestows the grace of lifting the veil, of making us rediscover our essential nature as divinity itself.

We approach Her as the great Goddess and depending on which qualities are displayed, we call Her by a specific name. Lakṣmī, Kālī, Durgā, Śrī, Mātaṅgi, etc. We are Her children and approach Her with innocence, love and gratitude.

Being and becoming. Together, these two modes of consciousness create reality and our experience of it. Śiva is the one, Śakti is the limitless splendor and manifoldness. Circle with center point.

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Very succinct yet lucid exposition of the metaphysical aspect of the Universal Creation process.

Gefällt mir
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